Today we are going to talk about the orgasm gap. You might know about the orgasm gap or you might be hearing about this phenomenon for the first time. 

This is a very important topic that is discussed by researchers and doctors and sexual wellness therapists across the world about the need for bridging the orgasm gap. Before we learn how to shrink the orgasm gap and how to bring orgasm equality, let us understand what is the orgasm gap. 


The orgasm gap is nothing but the disparity of reaching orgasms between men and women. The orgasm gap is the different rates of orgasm that men and women experience.

It has been observed that men reach orgasm more consistently and more frequently than women. This can be attributed to multiple reasons and it can be things like societal expectations and norms. 

It can even be the lack of communication between men and women which does not allow both genders to reach orgasm equally or even at the same time. 

The orgasm gap can also be attributed to things like the pressure of performance which forces one gender to perform better than the other. 

Whatever the reason might be, we all can agree that this is not equality. This is because it is not something biological but societal and psychological. That is why we are going to find orgasm gap sexual solutions that are going to help couples in closing the orgasm gap.

There are actually multiple benefits if we can achieve this because it can help with enhancing sexual satisfaction as well as improving the dynamic of the relationship. Along with that, it will definitely help in improving orgasmic experiences. 

So, let us look at a few important points of achieving orgasm equality so that couples around the world can have equal orgasms thus empowering sexual pleasure and orgasm. 




One of the best ways to overcome the orgasm gap is to talk about it. If you or your partner does not know about the orgasm gap then the best thing to do would be to understand it and educate yourself about it.  

A lot of couples around the world simply do not know about the orgasm gap. 

They are simply unhappy with the sexual experience because of the orgasm gap but they do not know about it. That is why the best thing to be done with your partner is exploring orgasmic equality. 

Then you simply need to sit down with your partner and talk about each other’s problems during orgasm. It might be a difficult discussion but it is a very important discussion for sexual equality and sexual empowerment. 

Conversation and communication should take place in a no-judgement zone where you speak and also give valuable space to your partner for speaking. 

It is also important that men do not feel performance pressure because one of the reasons why there is a disparity in orgasms is because of performance pressure. 

Men are pressured by society to always have a good orgasm and display a good orgasm, whether or not their partner is also having a good time. 

That is why if both partners create their own no-judgement zone then they will be able to reach orgasms equally and have a good time together. 



Most of the time it is the case that women do not experience as many or as intense orgasms as men. That cannot be solved only with penetration. However, it can be solved with stimulation and especially clitoral stimulation. 

Clitoral stimulation is when you play with her clitoris. This can be done by foreplay before the actual intercourse. This will stimulate your partner to the point of getting a very good orgasm.

Whether it is clitoral stimulation or any other kind of simulation involving any erogenous zones, you must make sure to take your time. You must try to understand your partner’s sexual needs and what turns them on.

If you do with correctly then you can have a very equal orgasm because you are simply thinking about the sexual needs of your partner rather than just your own. 



Masturbation is something which is very common for men but it is something not so common for women. This leads to the scenario that women do not know how to explore their bodies.

They are also not very educated about self-pleasure and masturbation which has been suppressed to them by society. This can be because of societal pressure etc. 

However, you must take the initiative to encourage them to try and discover what is an orgasm by themselves.

You can encourage them to understand their desires and they should try and explore their bodies. You do not need to do anything but simply encourage them. 



One of the ways by which the orgasm gap can be bridged is through emotional intimacy. When you and your partner have an emotional connection then you are able to understand the needs of your partner a lot better.

This also translates to the kind of pleasure that they are having. You will be able to experiment a lot about how they are enjoying the sex and you can actively work to make sure that they feel good.

Emotional intimacy is not rocket science and it is very simple to understand. It is when you develop a deep connection with your partner because you make the effort.

It is about understanding the needs of your partner rather than having an orgasm yourself and not thinking about your partner.

If you can develop a level of connection and emotional intimacy with your partner then you will provide them with a safe and comfortable space for reaching an orgasm. 

We hope this blog has been helpful for you to understand what is the orgasm gap and we also hope you are successful in exploring orgasmic equality. 

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