Sex is not something standardised and it is not something that should be standardised. Having said that, we are going to complain about the latest generation to our heart’s content.

Gen z is missing out on sex. Calm down! because we are going to explain the exact reasons why we say this.

We are going to talk about the benefits of sex that gen z is missing out on. We are also going to talk about how sex is good for mental health. And also why is gen z having less sex.

We are going to dick deeper into the link between sexual activity and mental health and explain what the current generation is doing wrong.

Before we do that, let us understand what is gen z. If you do not understand that then we are never going to understand why generation z is missing out on the benefits of sex.


Gen z is basically a denomination to denote a certain group of the population. It usually refers to the demography of people born right after the millennial generation.

While there is no standardized rule out there to set years of birth for gen z but it is usually accepted that gen z is the generation of individuals born between the mid-1900s to early 2010s.

This is the generation with the best digital knowledge and this is the generation that has access to social media and utilises that access to the fullest.

This is also the generation with the least number of wars.  This is also the generation with the best technology available in healthcare.

So, we can say that this generation is a generation that is born in a relatively peaceful environment with a lot of technology.

So, what is the problem you might ask. There is no problem but the thing researchers and sociologists often point out is that gen z is not doing sex right.

By that they mean gen z’s are not enjoying sex like the older generations. In order to understand this, we must look at a few simple points so that you can understand why gen z is being deprived of the benefits of sex.



Gen z is the generation that has been blessed with technology. They understand new technology to a level that older generations have never even imagined.

Along with that comes virtual intimacy which can be in the form of porn or it can even be in the form of virtual reality.

It is also the case that gen z does most of the dating online even before meeting the person in real life.

This means a lot of the intimate moments occur through what is called sexting. It is the closest thing to sex that can be done on a smartphone.

However, it is important to understand that this is not real sex. That is why this generation is missing out on all the benefits of sex such as stress relief and confidence.

While they are avoiding things like sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) but those can be avoided with the right protection.

So, technology is not doing a lot of benefits when it comes to sex for this generation. This can lead to unfulfilled sexual desires, which is never good for mental health.


While it might seem like an easy life for the gen z as compared to other generations but let us help you get another perspective.

There are more people in the world and that means more competition when it comes to careers and jobs.

Personal development and career development are not only a luxury but a bare necessity in order to survive in today’s world.

That is why gen z has to focus on improving themselves and having career aspirations rather than seeking partners.

While the generations before this generation had the spare time to explore passion and sexuality but this generation does not have this luxury.

They simply have to keep on studying and keep on improving their careers in the hopes that they will get a job.

This delays their sexual activity and interactions. They miss out on all the benefits of sex up until the time they are financially settled. When they finally have sex, they do it with reduced libidos.

They are not able to perform well, they have anxiety and self-esteem issues creep in. The benefits of sex vanish and take the shape of mental health issues.


Fear of rejection is something very real and it is even more real when it comes to gen z. In order to understand this, let us look at it from their perspective.

Imagine a generation without technology and imagine people living in a small town that is not connected to the internet with other towns or cities around the world.

It is very simple and easy to choose partners in that scenario.  This is because there are not a lot of options out there.

Now imagine a world where you can look for partners all over the world. In that case, if you are someone who is average looking or does not have the best charisma you won’t even stand a chance.

That is exactly what’s happening with gen z. Not all gen z look like supermodels but all of them have access to date or text supermodels.

This means people who are extremely compatible with each other simply do not give the other person a chance. They aim for someone in a different league.

In a world of excess choice and freedom, having a lot of choices sometimes make people overestimate their potential.

That is why regular average-looking people of generation z simply do not think about taking the risk of expressing themselves to someone they like after any minor rejection.

This is simply because of the fear of rejection because they know that there are so many good-looking people in the world and they don’t even stand a chance.

This was the blog on sex as well as all the amazing benefits of sex that gen z is missing out on. While we cannot guarantee you sex but we can guarantee you amazing memories that you will cherish forever.

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