How many people are interested in online dating?

Daily social practices are changing globally with new technologies, urbanisation, consumerism, and mobility. The dating industry has not remained untouched: we go online searching for our soulmates, and there are more and more cases where a couple met on the Internet. This guide is about platform and why do people choose this resource. 

Why are people interested in online dating?

In 1965, a small team from Harvard created the Match service, which became the first dating site in history. It asked users to pay $3 to complete a short survey and, based on the responses, provided a list of the most compatible people. At that time, due to the weak distribution of the Internet, there was not much excitement around Match. The boom happened in the 2000s. And by 2020, the financial volume of the global Internet dating market had increased to almost $12 billion. The Kaspersky Lab and B2B International have established that searching for a person for a serious relationship is not the first reason why people register on dating platforms. The statistics say the following:

  • for entertainment – 48%;
  • to find new friends – 41%;
  • just to have a good time – 24%;
  • to find a couple – 19%;
  • to get married and start a family – 11%.

About 5% of respondents responded that they registered on dating sites to check if their partner was cheating on them. 

Teamo – the best resource for online datingTeamo is a modern dating site for serious relationships, finding friends, and free communication. The service is created according to modern security parameters and guarantees the absence of bots and spam accounts. A large live audience from different parts of the country makes the search quick and convenient. Getting acquainted with the application begins with creating a profile, which in many respects coincides with a profile on a social network – you need to fill out the information about yourself, and there are two options here – visual and text. The link to social networks is another important profile element.


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