Not all women are strong in their relationships! Some need an expert to take up their relationship forward. The relationship is not easy for everyone. And, as a woman, I can understand how difficult it is to take a relationship forward without hurting the opponent’s feelings. 

Here comes the best relationship advice for women from Helen. Do not miss it! I am going to share my life experience too. 

Single Vs Married Women

When we talk about relationships, not all women fall into the same category. Say, relationship advice for single women may not fit married ones. Single women might have more independence to take decisions where married women cannot. Few do not wish to get married though.

According to Stanford University Research, women are more likely to initiate a divorce. Though the fact is ripe, it is true. 

On the contrary, being single doesn’t mean you are safe. A marriage might strengthen your relationship whereas dating doesn’t. So, both come under a win-to-win scenario. Whatever your relationship may be, be loyal and be smart at times. ( Yes, smartness plays a major role)

Let us start the relationship advice for women that suits both Single and Married beauties.  

Relationship Advice for Women – Revealing Now

When you (a single woman) wish to be in a relationship, you might get surrounded by tons of relationship advice. Or, you might have come across actual incidents where your best friend gets cheated by his boyfriend or some other mishaps. BUT, remember! You are not the one to get cheated! 

Follow this relationship advice that will rock your future with the right partner. 

Set your Expectations in Prior

When you are about to be in a relationship, be clear with your expectations. Do not take decisions fastly. Quick decisions always lead to quick breakups. Women always have a classy taste in picking up their partners. The choice of men differs from women in this case. 

Even the expectations of one woman may differ from the other. Do not spill out all your imagination in searching for the love of your life. No more Romeo! And, beauties, we are not Juliets! We are the women who wish to have a partner who will enjoy with us, cuddle with us, and make us see life in a different way. This is a mere expectation from every woman who wishes to be in a relationship!

So, do not spread your imaginations that might ruin your relationship soon. If you have/had feelings in a man, keep your emotions shut. Open your brain and think whether you will be happy and know whether it is a forever type. 

Do not be a Needy Girl

Of course, every woman wishes to be independent. What if you are not in your own legs and are dependent on your boyfriend? Is this a good-to-go relationship? Though you are a well-understanding couple, becoming needy becomes a ruining factor for your relationship. 

Try to handle things on your own. Do not pester your partner to be with you all time. You might have come across women saying that I didn’t find my man

If you are also in the same mindset, then I would specify you as overly needy. Unintentionally, you are giving a scary impression to the guys around you. You wish to place too much responsibility on your partner’s shoulder. Do you think this works out? 

This is why I insist you be independent. We, women, always think about making our surroundings happy. Why not make a relationship as simple as that?

Allow Him To Lead You

Apart from being needy, say, you are an independent woman with your own principles. What if your man wishes to guide you in a particular path in which he already has experience. Will you allow him or pave your own path? 

Of course, every independent woman will have sufficient ego as an add-on. No one can accuse you of that! But, when it comes to a relationship, you may have to leave that ego aside and help each other. If your partner wishes to lead you, allow him. Appreciate him for his efforts.  You will see a drastic improvement in your relationship. 

Give and Take Space

One best advice that I can give you is “Accept Your Partner”. Do not try to change them. Some boys love to take you out often. Some don’t. They wish to be with you indoors. If you are not okay with it, try to tell them politely. 

And yes, the next following relationship advice for women is Fight, but Fight with Respect. Not only us, but even men also forget this! During a random fight, we ought to use or abuse our partners without any intention. Though your fight resolves, you may not take up the words. So, give and take space. Allow your partner to be in their comfort zone. Do not ask them to come out. Neither, you. 

First Spark Fades Soon

In a forever relationship, you may not expect to get the spark all year. My relationship advice for women who are about to be in a relationship is that do not expect the same butterflies in your heart even you are years apart in your relationship. 

Even your dating seems more exciting than your relationship after that. But, many women have succeeded in their relationship without expecting any sparks. But, that doesn’t mean you have to be numb. 

Instead, you can learn to get bored. Learn to change your mindset about relationships. No fantasy will work out in reality. This is the point where you will understand that understanding comes prior to attraction. The love between you two will always remain. But, it changes its form Attraction always fades! But, effort doesn’t!

Take Things Easy

This is the best relationship advice for women that I would suggest. When you are new to a relationship or planning to get into the relationship, do not hesitate to love yourself. Being yourself and loving you makes a relationship even stronger. And, do not forget to build mental, physical, and emotional connections with your partner. This is the best relationship advice for women that I would express now. Happy Bonding!

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