Are you a newbie wondering about the best MAC lipstick shades for Indian skin? If yes, you are at the right point to know more about the most convincing MAC shades and their exposure.

Before that, let me ask you a question. Can you name a brand that is more iconic than MAC? Arguably, it is one of the most heritage brands in the beauty industry for years. 

Now, let us discuss the MAC lipstick shades and how it goes well with fair, dusky, and moderate skin.

Before that, I wish to make you understand that beauty is makeup, and so is MAC. Why not go through 2 little tips that make your MAC Lipstick shade selection to the next level.

  • Avoid judging the shades under chrome light. Usually, when you go offline, every store has a chrome light that puts you in a tough spot while choosing the best MAC lipstick shade. It works better under natural light
  • To experience or pull off the color to be attractive, you can use a lip liner that blends with your MAC lipstick shade. It defines your lips and stops your lipstick from bleeding.

I hope these two tips help you!! Without any further adieu, let us jump into my favorite MAC lipsticks for Indian skin tones. 

7 Best MAC Lipstick Shades For Indian Skin

While discussing the 7 top MAC lipstick shades for Indian Skin Tone, I would never miss mentioning the nude shades. They are pure bliss for all skin tones. 

MAC Nude Shades

Velvet Teddy (Matte Finish) For Lighter to Medium Skin Tones

Best MAC Lipstick Shades for Indian Skin

Velvet Teddy with Matte Finish is absolutely the perfect combination for a gorgeous lady with smokey eyes. If you choose to wear a relaxed tone, then the Velvet Teddy matches your outlook perfectly. You can go along with the glossy eye makeup to pull off the lipstick shade’s complete look. It suits well with Lighter to medium skin tones.

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Persistence (Matte Finish) For All Skin Tones

Persistence Lipstick Shade with Matte Finish looks like a nude brown. It is a perfect companion for working women who can wear it daily. Being a nude shade, it does not make you look dull. Instead, due to the brown undertones, you look amazing with a bit of eye makeup. It suits fair, dusky, and medium skin tones.

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Twig (Satin Finish) – For All Skin Tone

So, next to the Matte Finish, Twig is the next lipstick shade with Satin Finish. The shade with its purply pink is eye-grabbing. It will boost and energize your makeup look and make it feel fresh. If you plan to wear a nude shade for an afternoon tea, this is the best-trusted lipstick shade you can wear. Use it with confidence. It goes well with all skin tones.

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MAC Pink Shades

All Fired Up (Matte Finish) – Your Wedding and Party Choice

All Fired Up, a reddish-pink MAC lipstick shade with blue tones, is the best brightening shade for your lips. It makes you keep your outlook fresh and avoids the oomph factor in your face. If you plan to select the best lipstick shade for your wedding, you can go along with this shade. It also becomes more convenient for night outs and parties. 

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Rebel (Satin Finish) – Feminine Lovers’ Choice

Rebel with a Satin finish has become the best choice for all unique lipstick shade lovers. It is more berry-toned than pink and looks fantastic on any skin tone. You can easily pull out this color with ease. You may feel a little purple at sight, but on application, it goes very well with its actual color, which is more feminine. 

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MAC Red Shades

Russian Red (Matte Finish) – For Photo Lovers

Russian Red is an orangish-red with blue tones comparatively more vibrant than Ruby Woo. In MAC red lipstick shades, Russian Red stands first for many lipstick lovers. This looks bright on any skin tone, and it is super pigmented. When clicked with Russian Red, you would become the attention-grabbing person in the photo. 

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Diva (Matte Finish) – Perfect for Autumn Season for All Indian Skin Tone

Diva settles down well with an all-Indian skin tone. Being a reddish burgundy, you can pull off the color easily without much effort. Diva becomes the most favorite MAC Lipstick shades as the maroon color has been widely loved by many of us. It not only provides a fresh look, but it also becomes a perfect shade for the autumn season.

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Final Verdict

You cannot easily avoid MAC lipsticks as the sheer of collections will always trigger women to wear it upon. Here is a quick guide when you are pretty confused about the best MAC lipstick shades for Indian skin tone.

  • Go for the MAC Lipstick Shade in Twig, which flatters all skin types
  • If you wish to prefer classic red, for the Diva Matte Finish that becomes your all-day companion

If you are a newbie to the MAC Lipstick realm, I hope this article helps you land in the pool of best MAC Lipstick shades for Indian skin that everyone gets obsessed with!! If you are interested in knowing about the best makeup kit under 1000, then go ahead. Cheers!!

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