Who hates to do makeup? Nowadays, you can find the best makeup kit under 1000. Much more affordable, right? 

As the vacation and wedding season is nearing you, I hope this is the right time to fetch the best makeup brand that adds beauty to your presence. In this blog, let me help you find the best makeup kit brands under 1000. 

I hope you will get benefited from this listicle. Let us get started. 

Best Makeup Kit Under 1000

As numerous makeup brands are available online, let me split it up for easy understanding. I have also disclosed the amazon links that might help you for easy purchase. (Oh, beauty, thank me later!) It’s time to grab the look. 

Most Gifted Makeup Kit Under 1000

Among the best Makeup Kit under 1000, here are the few picks that have been gifted frequently. 

1. Blue Heaven Festive Combo, Honey, Multicolor

In my review, I was taken away with Blue Heaven Festive Combo, the best makeup kit under 1000. As the name indicates, it brings a heavenly look to the ladies. Guess what, it suits all skin tones. A much-appreciated combo for a definite try!

Why Blue Heaven Festive Combo?

  • The combo includes 10 items, including
    • Blue Heaven Flawless Make-up Base Primer 
    • Blue Heaven Long Lasting Makeup Fixer 
    • Blue Heaven High Coverage Foundation – Honey shade (suitable for medium to dark complexion)
    • Blue Heaven Shimmer Matte Blush
    • Blue Heaven Upto 24hrs Stay Kajal 
    • Blue Heaven 4×1 Eyepop Eyeshadow
    • Blue Heaven 10X Volumising Mascara 
    • Blue Heaven Lip Mousse – 2 units 
    • Free Beauty Blender
  • Blue Heaven has two style combos which include Honey and Vanilla. I have tried its Honey combo, which is mesmerizing. 
  • It gives you a matte finish, making the makeup complete and look gorgeous.

You can look at the recent Amazon Customer’s review on this combo. 

And after seeing this review, I recommend you check for the expiry date in the products as it directly impacts your skin. Make sure you buy it from a verified provider like other eCommerce giants. 

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2. TYA Makeup Kit + 5 Pcs Makeup Brush + 2 Pc Blender Puff Combo

My next choice under best makeup kit for you under 1000 is TYA Makeup Kit + 5 Pcs Makeup Brush + 2 Pc Blender Puff Combo. Again a combo has hit my head. When you are an idea to buy a makeup kit, a combo goes better than anything. It is a beginner-friendly makeup kit for a considerable price.

Coming back to the product, it includes five pieces of Makeup Brushes along with 2 Blender Puffs. Honestly, both blender and brush go hand in hand. Both have unique uses when it comes to makeup. Knowing it very well, this combo has worked out very well. 

Here are the items included along with the combo, 

  • Two shades of compact powders
  • High shine eye shadows
  • Juicy lip colors
  • 24 Shades of Eye, 3 Shades of Blush, 2 Face Powders (1 Shimmer & 1 Non-Shimmer) and Sponge Applicator, 4 Lip Colours
  • 5 Pcs makeup brush Multicolor No Choice+ 2 sponge puff Multi-Color

According to Amazon, there are around 10k buyers for this product. Just imagine, when I speak about this product, I have never imagined that it would be available for such an affordable price. You will also be shocked to see the price. 

If your requirement goes well with it, then without any further thought, buy it, use it, and grab thy attention!

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3. Kremlin Makeup Glamour Kit Combo Pack of 24 GC572-By Adbeni

And here comes my premium pick. You might have come across this famous brand Kremlin Makeup Glamour Kit Combo Pack of 24 GC572-By Adbeni. If not, then know it now. They are hypoallergenic and comes with both oil-free and alcohol-free texture. 

You will get, 

  • Combo Make-up Set
  • Makeup Glamour Kit Combo Pack of 24
  • Lipstick:-Stick, 
  • Eyeliner:-
  • Liquid, Nail Paint:-
  • Kajal:-Stick, 
  • Eyeshadow:-
  • Pressed Powder, 
  • Foundation:-
  • Liquid, Mascara:-Liquid, 
  • Compact Powder:-Pressed Powder, 
  • Makeup Brush:-Brush Set
  • Hand Bag
  • Multi-Shade

What’s more attractive is that they provide liquid nail color and an eye-grabbing handbag for easy mobility. It also includes liquid lipstick, which has become a recent trend. Though many ladies love the matte finish, the number still becomes equal for liquid lip color lovers. You can also check out the Best MAC lipstick shades for Indian Skin Tone.

And the review part is here!

 I hope many beauties have been taken away with this unique combo that made them successful. If you wish to move smart, then buying it is what I would suggest to you. 

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Most Wished Makeup Kit Under 1000

In this part, you can see a makeup kit combo that might help you choose the right makeup kit as per your need. 

4. ADS 8088 Makeup Kit with Sketch Pen Waterproof Eyeliner

Many ladies out here have been waiting for this combo. Though you have not satisfied with the above list, this is what I would recommend if you wish to get a subtle look for any occasion. 

This kit includes, 

  • Waterproof eyeliner
  • Makeup kit
  • Sketch pen-type eyeliner

Though the items are less than the other best makeup kit under 1000, you can analyze what you need. 

You can also peek at the review here.

All the combo listed here is beneficial for most of the ladies. If you are a beginner and willing to do attractive yet straightforward makeup, this combo is for you. 

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5. volo All In One Makeup Kit (1Pc Lipsticks,1 Eye Shadow,1 Eyeliner, 1 Kajal,) Set of 4 Pcs (Red)

Here comes my last but not the least type of best makeup kit under 1000. If you are willing to get a good makeup kit at a considerable price, you can go for Volo. Next to Kremlin, I recommend you try Volo as it is much cheaper than you expect. 

The Volo All In One Makeup Kit Includes, 

  • Eye Shadow: richly pigmented waterproof eye shadow pigments of excellent quality are suitable for all skin types.
  • Pen Eyeliner Innovation:   The lash line is defined in a smudge-proof, water-resistant, long-lasting, and highly pigmented way.
  • All cosmetics fans will love this modern and stylish makeup package for traveling or regular use.
  • This creamy semi-matte lipstick hydrates and comforts lips while providing a bright gloss and full coverage.

But, though the price is low, they are not compromising on the quality. 

Make your research and land in the right makeup kit that enriches your beauty and the bond with your outside world. 

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Which is the Best Makeup Kit Under 1000?

If you asked me, I would recommend buying Blue Heaven. This is my first choice as the best makeup kit under 1000. You might have come across a myth that you will get a high-quality product when you invest more in beauty. But, that is not true. Based on your skin tone and complexion, go with the one that makes you feel comfortable.

Cheers, my lady! Not only for makeup kits, if you have an idea of buying other beauty care products, including skin whitening creams and lotions, make sure you have enough knowledge about them. Check out the 5 Best Skin Whitening Creams for you. I hope this list helps you pick up the best makeup kit at an affordable price.

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